1. Where and how do I submit my topic, abstract and paper?

Submissions before April1, 2020 should be made via email to icci-conf@sjtu.edu.cn. Submissions after April 1,2020 should be made via the conference submission system: http://conference.icci.sjtu.edu.cn. After creating an account and logging on to the conference site, the authors should go to the “paper submission” sub-website to submit their topic, abstract, completed research paper etc. while send via email to icci-conf@sjtu.edu.cn is also accepted.

2. When is the deadline for paper submissions?

Submission deadline is:

  • Before June 30, 2020: submit the paper title and basic information of participants
  • Before 15 August 2020: submit detailed summaries (300-500 words)
  • Before September 15, 2020: paper reception notice by academic committee
  • Before October 15, 2020: full paper submission (6000-9000 words)
3. Are there any formatting guidelines?

1)Writing language: Chinese or English

2)Abstract word count requirement: 300 to 500 words; the full paper should not exceed 9000 words including abstracts, charts, references, etc.

3)Paper specification: please follow the APA specification

4)Submission format: please submit in MS word or Adobe PDF format

4. How will my abstract be reviewed?

Submitted abstracts that substantially fail to meet review criteria will be desk-rejected by the programing committee. Otherwise, abstracts will be assigned by the program chair to at least two reviewers.

5. May I submit my paper to more than one panel?

Under no circumstances should the same paper (or different versions of the same paper) be submitted to more than one panel. You also may not submit essentially the same paper under two different titles; both papers will be desk rejected.

6. May I submit multiple papers?

Yes, you may submit different papers. However, you should not submit more than three papers. You may not submit the same or slightly varied papers to different panels. One of our goals is to have a diversity of people on stage presenting papers. If you have multiple papers accepted, we encourage you to coordinate with your co-authors so that each of you presents a paper, rather than having one individual present many different papers.

7. May I submit papers which are under review somewhere else?

Submissions to 2021 International Conference on Global Cultural and Creative industries must be original; submissions cannot have been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Further, submissions must not be concurrently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere.

8. What if my paper topic does not fit any of the panels?

If your paper topic doesn’t fit any of the panels, that’s fine. Any formats of contributions on how technology and art are reshaping the cultural and creative industries and contemporary society are welcome. Please just submit your paper with remark of “Other Topics”. For further guidance, please consult directly with the following persons in charge of the submission:

Xin Zhang zhangxin1990@sjtu.edu.cn / +86(021)34205061-8109

Wei WANG wangwei1115@sjtu.edu.cn

9. May I add/delete co-authors of my paper after it is submitted/accepted?

Yes, send email to icci-conf@sjtu.edu.cn.

10. How do I withdraw my submission?

Please notify the person in charge of submission via email to icci-conf@sjtu.edu.cn if you want to withdraw your submission.

11. Are conference and program chairs allowed to submit papers to the conference?

Yes, they may submit their own papers to a desired panel.

12. Do I need to suggest reviewers for my paper?

No, reviewers are suggested and invited by the associate editors.

13. How/when will I be notified about whether my paper has been accepted?

Authors will be notified via email as to whether their submission was accepted, conditionally accepted, or rejected before September 15, 2020.

14. How do I propose a panel?

Panel proposals could be submitted via email to: Wei WANG wangwei1115@sjtu.edu.cn

15. I have problems with the submission system. Whom shall I contact?

In case of technical problems, please email to icci-conf@sjtu.edu.cnor contact Xin Zhang zhangxin1990@sjtu.edu.cn / +86(021)34205061-8132.

16. Do I have to present my paper at the conference if my paper gets accepted?

Yes, at least one author of every accepted submission must present at the conference. Authors should be prepared to present their papers or participate in panels at any time during the conference. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in removal of papers or panelists from the Conference Proceedings.

17. May I apply for a discussant if my paper is accepted?

Yes. The final decision regarding discussants resides with the programing committee.

18. May I offer suggestions for discussants?

Yes, you can suggest a discussant to the program committee after your paper was accepted. The final decision regarding discussants resides with the program committee.

19. What are the time limitations for presentation?

10-15 minutes.

20. What are the requirements for presentation?

Only PPT,PPTX are accepted for conference presentation and are encouraged to be emailed to icci-conf@sjtu.edu.cn before November 10, 2020. Special requests must be emailed one week before the conference.

21. Is it possible to exclude my paper from being printed in the proceedings?

Yes. Please let the conference organization committee know in advance. Please note that we have an Editorial Committee of Proceedings of "2021 International Conference on Global Cultural and Creative industries," they will send an Inquiry Letter for Authors to confirm if you are willing to have your paper printed in the proceedings or not after the conference. Please also let them know your decision.

22. Do I lose my copyright when my paper gets published in the proceedings?

No. The copyright resides with the authors and the authors may submit and publish their papers elsewhere, if the regulations of the respective publication platform allows to do so.

23. Will I get a conference manual?

Yes, all participants will access to a conference manual.

24. My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?

Please email to icci-conf@sjtu.edu.cn or contact:

Xin Zhang zhangxin1990@sjtu.edu.cn / +86(021)34205061-8109

Wei WANG wangwei1115@sjtu.edu.cn